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CHIMA is not a newcomer anymore. With his album „Stille“, he staked all or nothing and entered the top 30 of German album charts. His first single „Morgen“ was played by every German radio station during summer 2012, and sold a total of 100.000 copies, getting him an 1Live Krone nomination as „Best Artist 2012“. With fresh, humourous images and carefree sounding tunes, CHIMA is telling his story and it is fun to listen. He knows what he is talking about: a man, adult by now, following the same dream as starry eyed, younger dudes - but who`s been through a lot more obstacles. Someone who`s been told to give it up by life itself a few times.

But CHIMA is a singer, whose laugh is loud and full of heart, precisely because he’s been through tough times, a musician, whose stories you want to listen to - because they`re inspiring.